Palisades, a delightful respite from surrounding noise at DENFAIR 2019 in Melbourne.

Concept by James McNab of Think + Shift. Sponsored, detailed and manufactured by Autex.
Supported by the Designers Institute of New Zealand.



Palisades, a concept created by Think + Shift director and designer James McNab, was more than just another run of the mill display at DENFAIR 2019. The idea called for a series of curved, cylindrical walls designed to minimise noise from surrounding exhibitors and showcase works from New Zealand designers. Autex not only provided the design detail and prototyping but also manufactured the cylindrical surrounds. Our in-house technical expertise was crucial to bringing this alluring display to life.


Denfair Palisades Prototypes 600x440

Early prototypes of Palisades cylindrical forms, made in-house at Autex


How Palisades was made 

The circular tubes, made from Composition® were scored in sections using a CNC machine, then hand-assembled to form repeatable circular shapes. Several muted brown tones were chosen from the Vertiface® colour palette to comprise the colour layer. The colours and shape of the walls represented the fortifications of early New Zealand settlements, which inspired the display. The entire structure was held together and secured with Autex channels and clips.

Denfair Palisades VertifaceRolls 600x440

Fawn, Sanz and Bark colours selected from the Vertiface range


Vertiface provided the subtle textural backdrop for the secluded vignettes which were used to display Think + Shift selected pieces, as well as contemporary furniture from Nathan Goldsworthy and Alex Buckman.


Denfair Palisades Table 600x440

Nathan Goldsworthy’s Atlas Coffee Table made from American White Oak and New Zealand Rimu


Tim Webber introduced new furniture and lighting including the Dowel Wall Sconce, the newest addition to his Dowel lighting collection. 


Denfair Palisades Lighting 600x440

Dowel Pendant – Tim Webber, Tim Webber Design


The Result

An alluring and immersive experience that not only reduced audible and visual noise from surrounding exhibitors, but also allowed professional designers, architects, and design-lovers to focus while visiting the Palisades display at DENFAIR. 

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